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[Video xe] "Monster Ice Dora" – Cartoons about tanks mới nhất

In this cartoon based on the game World of Tanks, you will see the battle of two railway giants. The American monster will have to confront the Ice Dora. These are two heavy duty tanks that I made on the platform of the German high-tech giant Gustav. And so they meet as part of the Tank Tournament project to hold an uncompromising duel and determine which of them deserves victory. Do you want to know who will be the winner in this tank battle? Then watch this video and you will find out. In general, I hope this video will interest those viewers who like cartoons about tanks and animation. Subscribe to Valhalla Toons channel not to miss new episodes, and of course, thanks for watching! #valhalla_toons #tanks #cartoons_about_tanks #world_of_tanks_animation #tanks_animation #world_of_tanks_cartoon

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